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4 Feb 2014


Club Motto :
We do these things not because they are hard, but because we are weird.

Rule 0:
We do these things not because they are hard, but because we are weird.

Rule 1:
The Numismatic Responsibility Act is one rule.

Rule 2:
Membership is $5 and entitles you to vote on all disbursements of funds. Membership is at least for life; the Board of Directors will determine whether or not Death releases you. [N.B.: There currently is no Board of Directors.]

Rule 3:
On a motion to spend money, all club members must be notified by mail and given a reasonable chance to cast their vote.

Rule 4:
Club members are auctioned off on their birhdays, plus or minus 6 months

Rule 5: [Adopted at meeting 104]
That Nancy only be allowed to hit Paul with the ledger

Rule 6: [Adopted at meeting 206]
That anyone who makes a motion to remove a club officer shall become the first nominee for that office.

Rule 7: [Adopted at meeting 284]
That if a club officer misses 12 meetings in a row they'll be deemed to have resigned their club office. [N.B.: This has been interpreted to mean 12 consecutive unexcused absences.]

Rule 8: [Adopted at meeting 309]
That we start a party fund. (To be spent by duly appointed members with funds allocated by a vote at any regular meeting)

Rule 9: [Adopted at meeting 320]
No person may cast more than one vote on a motion to spend money

Rule 10: [Adopted at meeting 320]
That any motion before the membership which affects the rules governing a money motion be governed by the rules for a money motion

Rule 11: [Adopted at meeting 324]
Membership numbers can be up to 50 characters in a unique text field

Rule 12: [Adopted at meeting 325]
E-mail addresses may be used as one method of notice for money matters

Rule 13: [Adopted at meeting 350]
Vote buying is limited to $5 per person and $100 total on an individual question..

Rule 14: [Adopted at meeting 862]
That the presiding officer of the meeting must pause between calling the meeting to order and calling for officer's reports sufficiently long for a member to gain recognition to introduce a motion.

Rule 15: [Adopted at meeting 1354]
That attendees at any BASFA function shall abide by the club's code of conduct. Violations of the code of coduct shall be handled by the club's Procedures for Responding to Harassment and/or Safety Issues.

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